Studio Life Travels

I can only imagine the life a young band leads while transcending into that band that makes auditoriums scream with joy. The late nights in the Urban Studio ordering in fast food at all hours of the night. calling a Overland Park taxi to take you out to that early morning breakfast at Coco’s. Trying not to pass out in the booth while you are hanging out. Thinking about who’s house to crash at during the daylight hours. Wondering if you have clean clothes to put on and maybe even a shower so you can yank on off real  quick.

The next morning things start as usual around 2 or 3:00. With a couple girls sharing a Overland Park Ks taxi cab to get home after a long weekend of constant parting. Missing half their clothes but new coats and purse full of money they are excited to sleep until the next weekend. They try and recover, they return the phone calls from family who are worried about them. They still cling to that dream of becoming a model.  They have long spent the money the won in that model contest back home. They have lots of roommates and never really know who they will find on their couch. To be a fly on the wall there on a Friday afternoon. The girls are all doing laundry and shaving every inch of their young but overused bodies. The gossip start going the texts are coming in. With multiple offers on the table already. The girls take their time with answers for all the flirtatious  offers. May e its a ride on a private jet to Vegas or a just a night out at Ruth Christs and some wine afterward in a multi million dollar mansions  overlooking Laguna Beach. The kinda night that comes with the  expectation of free leaving giving your suitor anything he wishes.

And again the next morning or the two mornings from now come much to fast. having to get home in not that hard anymore. You have kept the best Overland Park Taxi Service phone number in your phone. Tour purse is again full of money and you need your beauty sleep for next weekend.