Studio Life Travels

I can only imagine the life a young band leads while transcending into that band that makes auditoriums scream with joy. The late nights in the Urban Studio ordering in fast food at all hours of the night. calling a Overland Park taxi to take you out to that early morning breakfast at Coco’s. Trying not to pass out in the booth while you are hanging out. Thinking about who’s house to crash at during the daylight hours. Wondering if you have clean clothes to put on and maybe even a shower so you can yank on off real  quick.

The next morning things start as usual around 2 or 3:00. With a couple girls sharing a Overland Park Ks taxi cab to get home after a long weekend of constant parting. Missing half their clothes but new coats and purse full of money they are excited to sleep until the next weekend. They try and recover, they return the phone calls from family who are worried about them. They still cling to that dream of becoming a model.  They have long spent the money the won in that model contest back home. They have lots of roommates and never really know who they will find on their couch. To be a fly on the wall there on a Friday afternoon. The girls are all doing laundry and shaving every inch of their young but overused bodies. The gossip start going the texts are coming in. With multiple offers on the table already. The girls take their time with answers for all the flirtatious  offers. May e its a ride on a private jet to Vegas or a just a night out at Ruth Christs and some wine afterward in a multi million dollar mansions  overlooking Laguna Beach. The kinda night that comes with the  expectation of free leaving giving your suitor anything he wishes.

And again the next morning or the two mornings from now come much to fast. having to get home in not that hard anymore. You have kept the best Overland Park Taxi Service phone number in your phone. Tour purse is again full of money and you need your beauty sleep for next weekend.

You Keep The Studio

10047_10201559163248097_1246701932_nOften a relationship is just not as important as your art is to you. Your music for instance is often the most important thing in the world to you. If you are a professional you have probably lost many loves to the rigorous schedule a music career comes with. The out side influences of al the groupies throwing themselves at you are probably dose not help wither. You may have a friend who needs to keep a riverside divorce lawyer phone number handy. After all there is always someone in your band or on your team that is going to need proper representation.

If you are looking for a safe place to work on your art. Like a nice studio or a place to be able to kick back in and invite your friends when you want and not have to go home because the wife is calling. This is the place for you. No overbearing phone calls aloud and no kids aloud. You can do what ever you want as long as you follow those simple rules. The guys keep a riverside divorce attorney on staff at all time to make sure there is never a hassle. You should still never let your guard down and makes sure you know your rights as a father and an ex husband. You have to pretend you are broke or they will try and get you for alimony. God knows that is a rip off so watch your finances.

In closing i would like to encourage people to build that dream studio. To play their music or paint their pictures or create those sculptures. Whatever art you love to do you should have a special place to work on your art. Never settle and always strive to have the most harmonic work space available in the form of your own studio. Take the time to make sure your family law riverside ca rights are covered and you are protected at all times. this way you can enjoy your time as much as possible. continue to work for the arts in general and enjoy your life as much as possible.

A Studio With Good Roof

img_0001Sometimes the best part about having your own studio is the way you get to decorate, build and design it. There is nothing better than having you own space. The way you treat it says a lot about you. Staring with a good foundation to build from and eventually make it your own. Often the best part about having your own studio is the way you get to decorate, build and design it. There is nothing better than having you own space. The way you treat it says a lot about you. Staring with a good foundation is always key. Then making sure you have a good roof on your building is the next most important thing. Try the pros at roofing Wichita ks for the best build money can buy.

You may need a studio in the city so your friends and local artist are not to far away. A perfect set up will need to be sound proof and easy to keep low key so the police do not know where it is. A solid wall with huge insulation through out the entire studio is necessary. It must have an incredible roof that was built by roofing companies Wichita ks.

Try going to a studio with really high celeings for better acoustics. Most of the studios i have seen are small and pretty dark and dingy. They are cheap and you rent them by the hours and just go there to practice. So to get an auditorium would be awesome but the noise level would be to much to handle and the cops would be there all the time. Your best bet is to build a bullet proof building that is well insulated killer building with a roof by a good roofing contractors Wichita ks.

Good luck and have fun most of all!